ATM Machines

Thru-the-Wall, Lobby, and Teller Assist ATM options available. Coin Dispensers also available

ScrapRight offers the highest quality industry grade ATM's at extremely affordable prices. These units are a great return on investment, paying for themselves in just months by reducing theft and payroll burdens while also boosting safety and security for your yard.


Thru-the-Wall Bank-Style ATM's 
 - Professional Top-of-the-line
 - Level-One Safe
 - Integrated Coin Dispenser (optional)
 - Integrates seamlessly with ScrapRight Software
 - Bar Code or PIN dispense
 - High Capacity
 - Affordably Priced
 - 4 cassettes (3000 notes ea)

Lobby-Style ATM's 
 - Convenient
 - Affordably Priced
 - Bar Code or PIN dispense
 - Teller Assist option
 - Perfect for lobby and office applications
 - 3 cassettes (2500 notes ea)


Already Have an ATM?
 - We are also  Compatible




ScrapRight ATM views
front view  /  iso view  /  rear view (level-one safe).