iScrapRight Mobile iPad App

The only transactional app that works in online and offline modes! 

Our Scrap Recycling App transforms your iPad into a powerful workstation that fits in the palm of your hand!

Equipped with ScrapRight's intuitive design and unique style, you can now perform transactions and synchronize them to your ScrapRight system from anywhere, whether that is roaming within your yard or making purchases out on the road.

Adding materials, entering weights and taking pictures is a quick, simple, and intuitive process, as is gathering the customer and vehicle information needed for compliance. Pair the app with a battery powered bluetooth printer and you can print receipts as well.

Use our recycling mobile app for scraps as a supplement to your system, or as some have done, send out an unlimited number of devices as convenient zone buying stations, all synching in real time to your server via a live connection back at your office.

What if I'm in an area without cell service?
Because a network connection is not always available in some of the remote places you buy from, we've enabled our scrap metal app to keep on operating even when there is no internet or cell service. Once you get back into range, the app will push those offline tickets to your server as if you had never even lost signal.

Special features for Catalytic Converter Buyers
Catalytic converter buyers -- we have functionality built in just for you! Quickly and accurately keep track of the converters you are purchasing by adding them to your tickets with single button taps, long clicks for partials, and even an on-screen summary section to display items as you go.

We have designed this mobile app for waste tracking and waste management as well.