ScrapRight is Designed Right

ScrapRight's philosophy on design is that software MUST be easy to use, intuitive, and provide powerful tools to help you run your busniess confidently.


The Most User-Friendly ScrapYard Inventory Software

"Very early on in my scrap yard software design career I was met with a challenge from an influential multi-yard, multi-generational scrap veteran that I will never forget. As a process engineer, I had always approached workflow design with the goal in mind of eliminating the non-value-added processes. Doing so naturally results in increasing speed and efficiency while reducing waste and wear on the workers doing the task. In accomplishing this, we are essentially dummy-proofing the scrap or salvage yard software system. As I explained this to this gentleman, he looked directly at me and exclaimed, "I don't need dummy-proof. I need idiot-proof!" It was out of that conversation that I got an early insight into the very real challenges that scrap yard owners face, not only from a compliance and efficiency standpoint, but also from the constant threat of external and even an internal theft.

I was looking at your competitors' demo the other day and all i could think was "Pong" when I compared it to yours.

ScrapRight exists to provide you with the absolute best tools and services available to help run your buy and sell operations the way you want to with an easy to use, modern user interface. Leaning heavily on a "Continuous Improvement Kaizen" philosophy, our team constantly strives to provide a software and hardware system that is easy and fast to operate, assures that you are always in compliance, and gives office managers and owners the powerful reporting and inventory tools enabling you to maximize your scrapyard's profits.

If you have questions on specific design or tech challenges facing your business, ask your sales rep to connect you with me and I'd be happy to discuss it with you."


~Derek Paulo
Director of Design & Development
ScrapRight Software