Roll-Off / Container Tracking & Dispatch

Keep track of your roll-off containers and perform dispatch orders for your drivers


Keep track of your roll-off containers and other assets with our easy to use Container Dispatch software. Containers are pinned to a Google map, where you can instantly view the address, status, ticket number, date delivered and more. Use our asset tracking software to filter bins by type, date, status, drivers, and dispatchers to run asset and dispatching reports.

Roll-offs are also conveniently connected to our asset ticketing system, so when they are brought back in, they are pulled up by the container number, customer, or dispatch number and the weights are collected and materials can be sorted or paid out to AP immediately.

With our container tracking system software, dispatches can also be co-ordinated with our built in calendar so you can see what jobs are on the horizon, and your drivers even have access to a handy login allowing them to access their specific job right from their phone or tablet while on the road. With a click of a button, drivers can update the status of bins, take images of materials, and can even collect customers' signatures when a bin is delivered.

To find out more about our container management software, contact us at 877-897-6422.