Guaranteed Compliance

Built right into our contract, we guarantee compliance at the State, Federal, County and Local level.

Built in rules in the software kick in when a material has compliance requirements assigned to it. Visual cues show on the screen when a ticket is either in or out of compliance.  Produces state reports and performs automatic uploads of data to government agencies. Compliant in all 50-States + Canada, Haiti, the Caribbean, Germany and more coming soon.


After researching for the last two years for a software system that would help us maintain compliance... we decided ScrapRight was the system to help us accomplish this. Since installation they have simplified our business dramatically and allowed us to cut one full time position. Additionally it has sped up the weighing and paying process so customers no longer have to wait. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for software in the recycling industry.


What Compliance Features are Most Important to You?

Driver's Licenses
Images of Materials
Images of the Seller
Signature Capture
Vehicle Plate & Info
Canada Compliance
Uploads to State and Local Agencies
Police Reports
VIN lookup
Delay Payments
Positive Pay
Check Payments
CRV Reports
Exclude Businesses
Texas DPS
Ohio DPS
Leads Online
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