Powerful Admin

With robust reporting and extremely flexible settings, you can dial in custom permissions for users
and extract critical operational data to better run your business.


Admin Ticket Review Screen
This is one of our most powerful tools for owners and managers because it allows you to search tickets using a variety of filters such as customer names, ticket numbers, dollar amount, materials, dates, notes, employees and much more. Search by tickets or even by images to ensure that your materials are being graded properly. Run reports by employee to make sure they are doing what they should as well. Ask to see this powerful feature when doing a demo.

User Permisssons
Customize access to the software for your employees based on job roles and responsibilites with hundreds of permissions from pricing restrictions to limiting access to pages altogether. Manager override feature available.

Extensive Reporting
A comprehensive assortment of purchase, sales, inventory, accounting, and employee reports give you instant access to information about what is happening in your yard. Export to csv or PDF.

Customer Resource Management (CRM)
You get easy access to customer and business records that store an impressive amount of your customers' information and gives you the ability to send price lists and ticket receipts to them from within the software. A customer access portal can be placed on your website that allows your VIP customers to look up their own transaction history and request rolloffs with the click of a button.

Our inventory and shipping control center gives you a powerful inventory dashboard showing your onhand materials, finished goods, purchase orders, sales orders, brokerage, costs of goods sold, and material positions.

Our ticket activity report keeps track of every change and update to a ticket, including who did it and the time that it was done. This tool is instrumental in being able to see who did what, and when, and has helped many yards catch both internal and external thefts.


Much more...